Seething Control Tower Museum is a restored World War II air traffic control tower, located at Seething Airfield in South Norfolk, England.

It serves as a memorial to those who served at this airfield from 1943 to 1945.

"Their story..."

Back in November 1943 a group of American servicemen arrived at a building site in the middle of the remote Norfolk countryside.

This was to be Seething Airfield and was to be their home for the next few years. None of them knew if they or their buddies would come back, none of them knew if they would see their family back home ever again.

But they went, nonetheless. It was their duty to help rid the world of an evil that was spreading across Europe.

Today, you can find out about their lives at Seething Control Tower Museum.


The control tower has become a living memorial to the members of the 448th Bomb Group who lived and fought for freedom from the base. Many of them lost their lives in this struggle and a roll of honour is dedicated to them in the tower. There are two memorial stones dedicated to the 448th Bomb Group on the airfield and another memorial stone in the church yard in the village of Seething.

The MuseumSeething Control Tower

Find out about the museum, what it commemorates and how the control tower was restored.

Station 146 Seething Airfield

RAF Seething was given the name Station 146 A history of the airfield and its occupants past and present.

448th Bomb GroupSeething Control Tower

Seething Airfield was the home of 448th Bomb Group who flew B24 Liberators from Station 146 RAF Seething.


The AssociationSeething Control Tower

The Station 146 Tower Association is dedicated to preserving the memory of the 448th Bomb Group. Find out how to become a member.

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