448th Bomb Group

Seething Airfield was home to the 448th during the 2nd World War and to is to who this museum is dedicated.

713th Squadron


  • Constituted 712th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) 6th April 1943
  • Activated 1st May 1943
  • Redesignated 713th Bombardment Squadron (Very Heavy) 5th August 1945
  • Inactivated 4th August 1946. Activated in the Reserve 19th April 1947
  • Redesignated 713th Bombardment Squadron (Light) 27th June 1949
  • Ordered to active service 17th March 1951
  • Inactivated 21st Match 1951
  • Redesignated 713th Fighter-Bomber Squadron 6th October 1955
  • Activated in the Reserve 6th October 1955
  • Inactivated 16th November 1957


  • 48th Bombardment Group, 1st May 1943 – 4th August 1946
  • 448th Bombardment Group 19th April 1947 – 21st March 1951
  • 448th Fighter-Bomber Group, 8th November 1955 – 16th November 1957


  • Gowen Field, Idaho, 1st May 1943
  • Wendover Field, Utah, 4th July 1943
  • Sioux City AAB, Iowa, 11th September – 7th November 1943
  • Seething, England, 25th November 1943 – 5th July 1945
  • Sioux Falls AAFld, South Dakota, 15th July 1945
  • McCook AAfld, Nebraska, 25th July 1945
  • Biggs Fld, Texas, 23rd August 1945
  • McCook AAfld, Nebraska, 8th September 1945
  • Fort Worth AAfld, Texas, 15th December 1945 – 4th August 1946
  • Long Beach AAfld, California, 19th April 1947 – 21st March 1951
  • Davis Field, Oklahoma, 8th November 1955 – 16th November 1957


  • Consolidated B24 Liberator, 1943 – 1945
  • Boeing B29 Superfortress, 1945 – 1946


  • Combat in European Theatre of Operations,
  • 22nd December 1943 to 25th April 1945

Service Streamers

  • American Theatre


  • Air Offensive, Europe; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland;
  • Ardennes – Alsace; Central Europe

Official Emblem

Approved 26th October 1958

Demi Indian War Chief in profile on a blue disc edged with white. Body is red, hair black and teeth & eyeball white. The headdress is golden yellow and white with five ornaments painted red, white, black and winged deep blue. The right hand holds a light machine gun in black with detail picked out in blue & white.

The bracelet is painted blue. The upper arm bracelets is decorated with Indian motifs. The left hand is encased in a red glove and holds a
yellow bomb. The cuff is deep blue. The marking is a two headed Thunderbird in black.

Unofficial Emblem

Used by 713th In-Theatre 1943 – 1945

Robin Hood type character riding a deep blue bomb. The left hand is seen holding a heavy calibre machine gun whilst the right hand holds the