The Airfield

Seething Airfield was home to B24 Liberators of the American Airforce and its construction of was a huge feat of civil engineering.

It was a self contained village in its own right.

Construction of the Airfield

Seething Airfield was a Class A Type Bomber Base typical of those which could be found dotted around Norfolk and further afield.

The construction of Seething Airfield involved excavating around 400,000 cubic yards of soil and laying some 175,000 cubic yards of concrete, 32,000 square yards of Tarmac. 10 miles of drains, 6 miles of water mains, 10 miles of conduit, and 4 miles of sewer drains were laid. Around 4.5 million bricks were used in erecting the necessary stores, accommodation and offices.

The average cost of the airfield buildings and services at that period £1.1 million.

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