The Airfield

Seething Airfield was home to B24 Liberators of the American Airforce and its construction of was a huge feat of civil engineering.

It was a self contained village in its own right.



The airfield was built during 1942 by builder John Laing and Sons . Located near the South Norfolk village of Seething, 10 miles south east of Norwich. The airfield was designed a heavy bomber base for the newly arrived American forces.

Below are some airfield statistics:

-The airfield had a main runway 6,000 ft in length.
-Aligned SW-NE and two secondary runways of 4,200 ft in length.
-The runways were 50 yards wide. They had a depth of 6-8 inches, constructed in concrete over a hardcore base.
-A perimeter track encircling the airfield was 3.5 miles long, 50 yards wide.
-50 concrete hardstands were build off the perimeter track along with an additional hardstand off the short runway, used when additional parking was required.
-During Construction 18,000 tonnes of dry cement & 96,000 tonnes of aggregate were used.
-50 miles of drainage and cable pipes were laid.

Airfield buildings

The airfield had the following buildings:
-Two T2 hangars located one on each side of the airfield
-The control tower used for all operational flying aspects of the bomb group including flying controls, signals and weather.
-Key buildings included: Bombsight storage, Sick quarters, Theatre, Mess halls, Officers and Enlisted men clubs, Chapel, Briefing room and barracks for each of the squadrons and the support groups.
-Other small buildings were constructed for various group administration functions.

Other airfield information
-Home to the 448th Bomb group flying the B24 Liberator.
-Station Code : 146
-ID code : SE
-OS Grid reference: TM315955

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