The Museum

Seething Control Tower Museum is dedicated to the memory of those who served at this wartime airfield.

A visit will take you back in time as you view the pictures and exhibits and read the real life stories of those brave servicemen.


Seething Control Tower

The airfield control tower controlled and monitored all operational flying aspects of the Bomb Group's operations including flying controls, signals and weather. After the Americans left however, it soon fell into disuse and deriliction followed not long after that.  Even after the Waveney Flying Group took over the site in the early 1960's the building still remained forlorn and almost forgotten until the Club decided to inspect the building with the intention of maybe using it as a clubhouse.  This proved to be impractical but conciences had been pricked and it was decided that this building held too many memories within its walls just to remain forgotten.

And thus began a long period of restoration culminating in the building we see today standing proudly as a living memorial to the members of the 448th Bomb Group who lived and fought for freedom.  All of the work at the Tower is undertaken by a small group of very dedicated people for whom it is a labour of love.  They keep the building tidy and looking as good as it did when first in use. The building, of course, continues to age and the restoration is ongoing.

Into the Future

Help us to continue telling the story of Station 146 by visiting us soon, or become a member of the Station 146 Tower Association. Better still, join our band of volunteers who help to keep the museum open.  Any way you can help, we will be pleased to hear from you.

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