The Museum

Seething Control Tower Museum is dedicated to the memory of those who served at this wartime airfield.

A visit will take you back in time as you view the pictures and exhibits and read the real life stories of those brave servicemen.


The Nissen Hut

By 2000 it was clear that additional space was required for the growing number of exhibits.  We also realised that any additional building had to be in keeping with this important heritage site.  It was decided that a Nissen Hut would fit the bill admirably.  After some searching and a fortuitous discovery one was acquired erected and fitted out, and by 2004 we had the extra room we needed. (See Restoring the Nissen Hut).

The Nissen Hut was designed in 1916 and patented that year in the UK by Major Peter Norman Nissen of the Royal Engineers.  Around 100,000 were produced in World War One to a design which was required to be economical and portable.  They were used for a wide variety of purposes from accommodation to bomb stores and even churches.

Our particular Nissen Hut was originally at Deopham Airfield but had since been moved to Little Elligham where amongst other uses it had spent 30 years of its life as a pigsty!

This iconic wartime building now sits proudly to the rear of the Control Tower, sympathetically in keeping with its surroundings.

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