The Museum

Seething Control Tower Museum is dedicated to the memory of those who served at this wartime airfield.

A visit will take you back in time as you view the pictures and exhibits and read the real life stories of those brave servicemen.


Seething Control Tower Museum

About the Museum

Seething Control Tower Museum is housed in the restored Control Tower of the former RAF Seething. This airfield was home to the 448th Bomb Group of the United States Air Force and was given the identification Station 146.

The museum stands guard over the entrance to Seething Airfield, a popular general aviation airfield which is owned and operated by its own flying club. The current airfield however occupies just a fraction of the space of the original wartime base with just one third of the easterly runway now used, the rest having been given back to farming shortly after the war ended.

The Control Tower

As to the museum itself, the unmistakable wartime control tower is the main building and houses exhibits and photographs, and associated memorabilia over two floors, all connected with the airfield and the 448th Bomb Group. A room is set aside as a chapel for anyone to use as a quiet spot to reflect. Up the narrow staircase once trodden by hundreds of American service personnel are collections of photographs, of the aircraft which flew from Station 146, of the buildings in which they worked, rested, and played, and of the men and women themselves. There are personal stories and diaries of the airmen, following their history through the years providing an insight into the part Seething airfield played during World War Two. History here is brought alive.  Find out more about the Control Tower here.

The Nissen Hut

Tucked away behind the control tower a former war time Nissen Hut provides space for more exhibits and is a reminder of the type of building which once provided accommodation and offices at the airfield. It is easy to imagine tired and weary airmen dragging themselves back to their bunks after returning from another mission over occupied Europe. Click here to find out more about the Nissen Hut.

The Memorial

 On the lawn to one side of the tower stands the memorial to those who served here.

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